Civic Upper Hose 92-95

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We make them All !!!! Any engine swap we can do it if you send us pictures and possibly a few dimensions if needed

This is a common list of what we do, tell us in the note section when ordering what you need or just contact us diret via text email or phone.

2-95 EG & Del Sol swaping a 88-91 JDM B16a, 92-93 B17a, 90-93 B18a

Upper Radiator hose: For B16a and B17a use 94 delsol Vtec. For B18a use 94 integra LS

Lower Radiator hose:94 del sol Vtec

92-95 EG & Del Sol with a 94-2000 Integra LS B18B Engine.

Upper Radiator Hose: 94-Up Integra LS

Lower Radiator Hose: 94 Del Sol Vtec

92-95 EG and Del Sol with 94-2000 GS-R B18C(including Integra Type R) & 93-97 Del Sol Vtec & 99-00 Si B16a2

Upper Radiator Hose: For Engines using b16a or Type R Head use 94-97 Del Sol Vtec Hose. For Engines with GSR head use 94-up GSR hose

Lower Radiator Hose: 94 Delsol Vtec
92-95 EG and Del Sol with 94-2000 H22a, H23a Prelude and 96-2000 F22 Accord
Upper Radiator Hose: 90 Integra LS, Trim to fit

Lower Raditor Hose: 94 Del Sol Vtec