22 mm OD Curved Tube

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Our 22 mm OD tube is available in 5 inch to 15 inch lengths (total centerline length)
These can be made to fit inside rubber hoses from .5/8" ID up to .3/4" ID
All hoses come with barbed ends approximately 1 inch on each end of the tube.

If you order a 10 inch tube it will have a 8 inch viewing area

To Order choose total length

Choose "X" and "Y" axis or lengths 

We will need the angle of the bend also

Feel free to "right click" and download the template and email it back to us.

Clamps and LEDs sold separately. See Related Items Below

Please state exact size ID hose these will fit inside of when ordering.
New hose is required, these will not work with used hoses that have stretched and hardened over time.
If you have any questions or need help choosing were happy to help.