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Alan Lee and Killerglass team up again for glass bike #2.

This bike featured on the Chopper Challenge on CMT TV features a 2 piece Killer glass gas tank, Hydrogen storage tank, intercooling plumbing.

























Above you can see the Killerglass intercooler plumbing for the Procharger along with the Hydrogen supply tank we designed with guidence from the inventor of the system Arnie Boyle. Soon to be released, theĀ  first EPA and CARB certified hydrogen system for on road use. This bad boy really works!! More on that later.

























The Killerglass gas tank was the work of 3 people working everyday for over two weeks. A real challenge, "Chopper Challenge". Alan needed to top the first glass bike we made for him a few years back .





















The final product at the release party at the Peterson Museum in Los Angleles California.

Thanks Alan for letting us be part of the build

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