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Killerglass Race Tubes

These quick see tubes make between round maintenance a snap.

Quick view tubes are available with or without lighting and can hold up to the most demanding race applications.

Quick View Race Tubes start at $99 msrp. Lighting & engraving extra

With the quick view tubes you can see if you have serious engine damage at a glance. No more need to drain the radiator between rounds to spot those annoying blown head gaskets, Saves time that can be better spent on tuning for performance, after all every second counts in racing.

Darren Donnelys smokin hot EVO runs the killerglass quick view tube, not only is it functional but looks so good he walked away with a lighting trophy at HIN Chicago along with a 2nd in 4 dr mild.


Check out the Nuclear glow under the hood, this thing was a show stopper, you could not help but see it glowing Nuclear Green under the hood.





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