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Installing Killerglass is quite easy using common hand tools along with a heat gun or hair dryer to seal the Gates Powergripoheat shrink clamps.


Installation involves draining a small amount of antifreeze from your car which is easily done by removing the radiator cap then opening the petcock at the bottom of the radiator (no tools needed, opens by hand) Place a clean drain pan or bucket to catch what antifreeze comes out. Drain about a gallon, just enough to get the level below the upper hose. Then close petcock.


Place glass hose where it fits in place next to the correct radiator hose, mark the hose where it is to be cut. Best to cut it slightly less then needed and after positioning it correctly cut the remaining of the hose as necessary (tool required, scissor, sharp knife or hose cutter).


Slide heat shrink clamps over the rubber hose where the Killerglass fits inside it and take your heat gun or hair dryer and shrink them for 5 minutes or until they are totally seated. Attach LED to Killerglass, attach power leads to a switch connected to the battery as you would any other LED.


Refill radiator with what you took our, start engine and let it come up to temperature to check for any leaks.


Your done,


Watch for our install video soon



Download our installation instructions below, Both are zip files that open to MS Word



DOWNLOAD Basic Instructions, Killerglass for cars



DOWNLOAD Harley Davidson V-Rod Instructions




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