Killerglass -
SEMA Ford Flex

Ford Flex equipped with Killerglass Intercooler pipes, velocity stack, radiator hose

Was featured in Fords display at this years SEMASHOW. More to come. Meantime enjoy the video by Heavy Hitters Magazine

Welcome to Killerglass

Watch your coolant flow like a lava stream during the day light it up at night! Thats right this is the hottest product on the market manufactured exclusively by KillerGlass, in the USA.

Made of high tech clear Pyrex mounted using sections of your existing hose on each end for flexibility with custom clamps. This bad boy lets you watch your coolant flow and lights it up at night for a bright red, blue or green glow with L.E.D's attached to the glass.

Each hose is hand crafted with slight variations making them totally unique. These are not a mass produced item

You can add as many LEDs as you want for maximum effects.

This will definitely score some serious points at shows !



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Alan Lee, Killerglass Glass Bike #2

Alan Lee and Killerglass team up again for glass bike #2.

This bike featured on the Chopper Challenge on CMT TV features a 2 piece Killer glass gas tank, Hydrogen storage tank, intercooling plumbing.

























Above you can see the Killerglass intercooler plumbing for the Procharger along with the Hydrogen supply tank we designed with guidence from the inventor of the system Arnie Boyle. Soon to be released, the  first EPA and CARB certified hydrogen system for on road use. This bad boy really works!! More on that later.




Race Provin Killerglass

Speed Record set with Killerglass

Nathan Herschback's Killerglass equipped, 426 Hemi Magnum set a new speed record for it's class at the famous Texas Mile for a normally aspirated LX at 160.898 mph with a 20 mph headwind.
Cant wait to see what he does in perfect conditions

According to Nathan the Killerglass was a great asset to the cooling system for those between round service checks.

The video will show how good the circulation is along with no traces of any contaminants which could mean possible engine problems at race speeds.



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Killerglass kits are equipped with

Gates Racing high performance clamps

The state of art in high performance clamps












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